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Second Edition

Beginning to Advanced Level
Sarah Lynn, Jennifer Bixby, Joe McVeigh, Colin S. Ward, Margot F. Gramer, Charl Norloff, Debra Daise, Nigel A. Caplan, Scott Roy Douglas, Jaimie Scanlon, Margaret Brooks, Miles Craven, Kristin D. Sherman, Robert Freire, Tamara Jones, and Susan Earle-Carlin

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The second edition of Q: Skills for Success is a six–level series with two strands, Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing.

Q: Skills for Success features enhanced skills support, new note–taking skills, an extended writing syllabus, and authentic video in every unit.

  • Progress bar and clearly stated unit objectives motivate students to achieve their language learning goals.
  • Note–taking skills and extended writing syllabus help students to develop academic skills.
  • The writing syllabus guides students to produce structured writing, from sentences to multi–paragraph essays.
  • Enhanced skills support promotes critical thinking and prepares students for high–stakes assessment.
  • Authentic BBC and CBS video adds a new dimension to every unit and provides an engaging springboard for students to think critically.
  • Highlighted vocabulary from the Oxford 3000 and the Academic Word List ensures that students learn the most relevant words for academic and professional life.
  • Digital teaching and learning tools provide a flexible package for teachers and students.
  • Additional teacher resources: www.oup.com/elt/teacher/qskillsforsuccess
  • iQ Online extends learning beyond the classroom. This online practice is specifically designed for English Language learners! It gives students and teachers flexible access to essential content
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Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Listening & Speaking Student Book   9780194818070       $49.80  
Reading & Writing Student Book   9780194818056       $49.80  
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Listening & Speaking Student Book   9780194818407       $49.80  
Reading & Writing Student Book   9780194818384       $49.80  
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Listening & Speaking Student Book   9780194818728       $49.80  
Reading & Writing Student Book   9780194818704       $49.80  
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Listening & Speaking Student Book   9780194819046       $49.80  
Reading & Writing Student Book   9780194819022       $49.80  
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Listening & Speaking Student Book   9780194819282       $49.80  
Reading & Writing Student Book   9780194819268       $49.80  
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Listening & Speaking Student Book   9780194819527       $49.80  
Reading & Writing Student Book   9780194819503       $49.80  
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