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High School
Adult Education

Second Edition

Beginning to Intermediate Level
Cheryl Boyd Zimmerman, Arline Burgmeiser, Kent Richmond, Bruce Rubin, and Lawrence J. Zwier

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Inside Reading, Second Edition combines reading skills development with key vocabulary from the Academic Word List, to give students the tools they need to understand academic texts. Each unit features two high-interest readings. Topics include Sociology, Nutrition, Architecture, and Business, among many others. At the higher levels, reading texts are adapted from authentic, well–known sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, and The New York Times, and from acclaimed authors such as Malcolm Gladwell, James Surowiecki, and Jared Diamond. Authentic readings expose students to real–world, high interest content and authentic language.

Explicit reading skill instruction provides the foundation for effective critical reading. At all levels, Inside Reading covers reading skills that are vital to student success in the academic classroom, such as previewing and predicting, finding the main idea, scanning, and evaluating.

Inside Reading teaches systematic acquisition of the entire Academic Word List across the 5 levels: 570 words in total. Students first encounter the unit vocabulary words in a pre–unit self–assessment exercise, enabling them to check how familiar they are with the vocabulary they will encounter in the unit. These words are highlighted in the reading texts, meaning that students can learn them in context.

For the teacher, Inside Reading iTools provides a bank of digital resources including authentic video, fun vocabulary activities for whole–class interaction, animated presentations that focus on reading skills, print–and–go worksheets for extra practice, and audio recordings of all texts and interactive scripts to help students further their understanding. iTools< also includes customizable mid–term, end of unit and final tests to evaluate students’ progress.

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