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This edition The American Accent Guide includes a 216–page book with 81/2 hours of audio on a CD. The audio features a mix of male and female voices speaking in the standard American English.

This comprehensive course is for non–native speakers of English to learn the skills to speak English with an American accent. This course addresses the entire sound system of American English giving thorough attention to the voice and timing elements: Intonation, Stress, and Rhythm, and to the individual vowels and consonant sounds, with greater focus on the sounds that are most challenging for English learners. While practicing new speech patterns, the learner gains awareness of underlying rules and principles and a wealth of skill–building insights to facilitate efficient progress.

The program facilitates lesson planning, as it is well organized and contains over 700 exercises. Although every section is complete in and of itself, the exercises reinforce skills addressed in previous sections. Lessons build upon previous lessons, and patterns/elements previously introduced are incorporated/integrated into new lessons. Exercises progress from the word level to the paragraph and presentation–length material.

Teachers and students will receive free subscription to an online library of 60 videos which graphically demonstrate production of the speech sounds most essential to intelligibility.

By the end of the course, learners will possess a clear idea of how to process the American accent and have the basic speaking tools required to express it. In addition to more articulate speech, they will attain better comprehension, improved grammar, an expanded vocabulary, and a better understanding of the speaking style of American culture.

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