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A Sensible Solution to Lerning Grammar, Second Edition

Beginning to Advanced Level
Susan Kesner Bland, Cheryl Pavlik, Alice Savage, and Patricia Mayer

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Through its engaging reading texts, comprehensive grammar instruction, and practice materials, Grammar Sense, Second Edition, gives learners a true understanding of how grammar is used in authentic contexts.

New to the Second Edition

  • Technological Solutions: Grammar Sense Online Practice provides additional practice in an easy–to–use online workbook.
  • Writing Solutions: A new writing section in every unit guides students through the process of applying grammatical knowledge to compositions.
  • Assessment Solutions: The part tests at the end of every section allows on–going assessment.
  • Student Solutions: A new focus on critical thinking builds learning awareness for improved application of grammatical knowledge.

      Grammar Sense Online Practice
      An access code, included with each student book, provides extensive grammar practice via the internet through a unique blend of exercises, tests, games, and reference notes. Contact d…bergeron@deltapublishing.com for your Q Online Practice teacher’s access code
      Features for the student

      • All new content gives new opportunities for abundant practice
      • Hundreds of interactive exercises provide extensive practice
      • Dynamic, motivating games build mastery and confidence
      • Easy–to–use software that is available anywhere there is an internet connection
      • Listening exercises target grammatical meaning in a spoken context
      • All student book audio is available online

      Features for the teacher

      • Automatically grades student exercises and tracks progress
      • Easy–to–use online management system that allows the ability to review, print, or export the reports needed

      The student book provides thorough, controlled practice of each grammar point and gives learners extensive opportunities for individualization and creative use of the grammar structures to increase learner’s proficiency. It also presents manageable–sized charts that clearly distinguish form from meaning and use, allowing learners to focus on easily built accuracy before focusing on fluency.

      The teacher’s book provides creative techniques for presenting the grammar, along with troubleshooting tips, and suggestions for additional activities… All audio scripts and answer keys are also included.

      The test generating software, with over 3,000 items available, allows teacher’s to customize tests for all levels of Grammar Sense. A bank of ready–made tests is also provided…

      The classroom audio program features exercises for discriminating form, understanding meaning and use, and interpreting non–standard forms.

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Level 1
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book & Access Code Card   9780194489102       $49.50  
Audio CDs (2)   9780194489201       $43.95  
Teacher's Book and Access Code Card   9780194489386       $43.95  
Level 2
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book & Access Code Card   9780194489133       $49.50  
Audio CDs (2)   9780194489218       $43.50  
Teacher's Book and Access Code Card   9780194489393       $43.95  
Level 3
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book & Access Code Card   9780194489164       $49.50  
Audio CDs (2)   9780194489225       $43.95  
Teacher's Book & Access Code Card   9780194489409       $43.95  
Level 4
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book & Access Code Card   9780194489195       $49.50  
Audio CDs (2)   9780194489232       $43.95  
Teacher's Book & Access Code Card   9780194489416       $43.95  
Testing Software
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Assessment CDROM (Levels 1-3)   9780194490344       $100.00  
Assessment CDROM (Level 4)   9780194490306       $99.00  
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