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ESL Phonics for All Ages is a six–book series designed both for English language learners who read in a non–Roman alphabet native language and for English learners who cannot read in any language. All six books presume a limited vocabulary in English and limited understanding of sentence structure. It has been extensively tested with student’s aged 7 to adult who are learning to read and write in English.
  • Uses high–frequency, unambiguous vocabulary that beginning English learners need to know or already know.
  • Sequences the sound/symbol presentation to follow natural development of language learners’ skills in sound discrimination. Short vowels, often very confusing for new language learners, are presented last.
  • Has an audio component to provide native–language presentation of the text and to allow individual students to advance at their own pace.
  • Uses a multifaceted approach so students advance in phonetic awareness, reading, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, conversation, and pronunciation.
  • Uses full spellings of all words. This allows for students to become familiar with whole words and provides a head start for success when later sound/symbols are presented.
  • Presents sight words in contexts needed by first–year ESL students.
  • Repeats sentence patterns to enhance success.
  • Provides songs, chants, poems and conversations for whole–language reading.

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Level 1: Beginning Consonants
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book   9780937630136       $11.00  
Audio CDs (2)   9780937630306       $28.00  
Level 2: Ending Consonants
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book   9780937630143       $11.00  
Audio CDs (2)   9780937630314       $28.00  
Level 3: Consonant Blends and Clusters
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book   9780937630150       $11.00  
Audio CDs (2)   9780937630322       $28.00  
Level 4: Vowels, Part 1
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book   9780937630167       $11.00  
Audio CDs (2)   9780937630334       $28.00  
Level 5: Vowels, Part 2
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book   9780937630242       $11.00  
Level 5 Audio CDs (2)   9780937630365       $28.00  
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