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Curso Multimediale Di Lingua Italiana Per Bambini

Lucia Maddii and Maria Carla Borgogni

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Forte! is a course for children aged between 7-11. To be completed in 3 levels, this monolingual series is fun and easy–to–follow, equipping teachers with a vast number of motivating games and activities to use in the classroom. The guide offers useful information on how to get the most out of these activities and includes additional worksheets, flashcards and a section on the consolidation of literacy and spelling skills. While the series takes a predominantly communicative approach, the section “L’angolo della grammatica” provides hints and opportunities to practise simple grammar structures and rules.

In order to engage the children and retain their interest, the units are linked by a cartoon which charts the adventures of a group of 5 children of different nationalities. Each book is also accom– panied by an audio CD and CD–ROM, which contain short listening excerpts, video animations and sing–along songs for the children to enjoy while developing their language skills.

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Level 1
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book with CD   9789606632655       $23.70  
Teacher's Guide   9789606632662       $15.85  
Level 2
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book with CD   9789606930447       $23.70  
Teacher's Guide   9789606930485       $15.85  
Level 3
Item   ISBN       Price   Quantity
Student Book with CD   9789606930720       $23.70  
Teacher's Guide   9789606930737       $15.85  
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