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Blaine Ray and Lisa Ray Turner

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Pobre Ana
With a vocabulary of only 300 words, this is the easiest novel that exists in Spanish for first year students. Ana is a 14–year–old Californian who leads a tough life. Her family doesn’t have much money and when she takes an opportunity to live in a small city in Mexico, her view of life changes radically. The CD includes the entire text read aloud by native speakers.

Patricia va a California
This second novel is for 1st– or 2nd–year students. Patricia is a 15–year–old girl from Guatemala in California as an exchange student, living with a caring American family but encountering prejudice at school, especially from a girl named Debbie. The CD includes the entire text read aloud by native speakers.

Amigos detectives
Alberto and Pedro are good friends. They are 10 years old, they live in Bolivia and they are classmates. Both of their fathers are famous scientists. Like his father, Pedro is fascinated with science. Alberto, on the other hand, is an artist. He draws amazingly well every animal that he sees. One day while they’re playing and walking along the shore of Lake Titicaca, they notice a mysterious man. Combining their scientific and artistic talents, the two friends begin to try to solve a mystery involving wild animals.
The Spanish in Amigos detectives is the same level as the well-known novella Casi se muere in the same series. It has a vocabulary of approximately 400 words (excluding cognates) and contains a number of illustrations. Students in second or third semester can read it without difficulty. Short and captivating!

Casi se Muere
One of the easiest Spanish novels, with a vocabulary of only 400 words, this engaging story is about an American girl who goes to high school in Chile and two Chilean boys, a nice one and a mean one. This story can be read by any 2nd or 3rd semester class—short and sweet!

El Viaje de su Vida
Sixteen–year–old Carlos Ayala goes on a cruise with his family from the U.S. to Yucatan. He is the only witness to the theft of an object of great monetary, cultural, and personal value. This brief and captivating book can be read without any difficulty by any 2nd or 3rd semester class.

Pobre Ana Bailó Tango
Sixteen-year-old Ana goes to Buenos Aires, where she fulfills her dream to learn to dance the tango, stumbling through some difficulties and a bit of romance and ending up happlily returning home to California. This late first-year story is told in the past tense.


Mi Propio Auto
Seventeen–year–old Ben craves a car. His parents promise him one if he’ll spend the summer in El Salvador rebuilding the houses of earthquake victims. He doesn’t want to do it, but decides that it’s worth it to get a car. He goes, and although he doesn’t really like the work, he comes to appreciate the people and their way of life. When he returns home, he makes a most unexpected decision.

¿Dónde está Eduardo?
The mother of Carmen Rodríguez, a 16–year–old girl from Colorado, has promised a friend that Carmen will accompany the friend’s 7–year–old son Eduardo to Costa Rica to visit his grandparents. As soon as Carmen and Eduardo get seated on the plane, the problems start. When they arrive in Costa Rica, one crisis follows another. Finally…

El Viaje Perdido
This novel is for 2nd– or 3rd–year high school students. Two male American college students go on a Caribbean cruise. While in Puerto Rico, they miss the boat to the next island. The solution to their dilemma involves a beautiful Puerto Rican girl, her exotic grandmother and various aspects of Puerto Rican culture.

¡Viva el Toro!
Ana Silva, 17, travels to Seville, Spain, where she lives with a family with 3 children and goes to a typical school with one of her Spanish sisters. The vocabulary has been carefully chosen for the final months of the second year of study, so 4th and 5th semester classes can read it without difficulty.


Los Ojos de Carmen
This novella for 3rd–year students is about a 16–year-old American boy who wants to enter a photography contest. While visiting relatives in Ecuador, he learns to deal with various culturally challenging situations. He meets a young girl with exceptional eyes and wants to photograph her, but…

Vida o muerte en el Cusco
High School senior Elena García is vacationing in Cusco, Peru, with her mother. Everything that Elena experiences bugs her—the food, the people, the clothing, the altitude… she would rather have stayed home in Colorado.
Vida o muerte en el Cusco is loaded with cultural descriptions and references. The level of grammar is high; the subjunctive is used in a variety of contexts. The glossary helps readers to grasp the meaning of difficult expressions and constructions so that they can understand everything clearly. For 3rd– and 4th–year students.


En busca del monstruo
There is a legend in the Patagonia area of Argentina that a monster lives in Lake Nahuel Huapi. The monster, known as the Nahuelito, is said to attack and destroy boats. Martin Sheffield, an American who actually lived in the vicinity in the first decades of the 20th century, is one of the people who supposedly saw it. His great granddaughter Sarah, a young woman in Vermont, has been interested in the legend since she was a child. A journalist from Vermont wants to investigate the legend and goes to Patagonia. The owner of the main newspaper in Patagonia is also interested in investigating the legend and invites Sarah to come and assist with the project. Martin’s daughter still lives in the area unbeknownst to Sarah. The search for the Nahuelito is an adventure with a number surprising twists and turns. Most of the story is fiction that is based on a real legend. The Patagonian cultures of the past and the present play significant roles.

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