Diane M. Longfield
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Passage to ESL Literacy is designed to achieve four major objectives:

  • To develop pre–literacy/readiness skills in visual and auditory discrimination
  • To build a strong foundation in sound–symbol transference and in sight–word vocabulary
  • To prepare pre–literate students to learn from core ESL materials
  • To develop self–confidence and respect in pre–literate students by providing them with the basic listening,speaking,reading and writing tools of English

This four–part student workbook contains sections devoted to visual and auditory discrimination for the pre–literate;practice in the sounds,consonants, vowels,digraphs and blends to build a foundation in sound–symbol discrimination; sight–word recognition, beginning reading and writing for non–English readers;and practice in cursive writing.

The 442–page teacher’s guide provides a step–by–step approach for effective ESL and literacy instruction. Included are numerous visuals and games for duplication and a myriad of suggestions for lesson expansion.

There are also 182 81/2" x 11" 3–hole punched visuals to coordinate with the lessons. *CLEARANCE SALE ALL* ALL SALES FINAL*NO RETURNS**


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