For Beginners In English
John F. Chabot; Illustrated by Erik Millette
  • Reproducible
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

These reproducible books of thematically linked units are intended for learners who are just beginning to learn English. The idea of the books is to ease learners into their new language through the use of illustrations,popular word games,and activities.

In Thematic Activities the ten units include:The Alphabet,The Human Body, In the Classroom, Clothing, Fruits and Vegetables, Verbs of Action, Animals, Transportation, Nature, and Sports. In More Thematic Activities the ten units are:Facial Expressions,Health Care,Adjectives,Tools,Shapes & Math Terms,Verbs of Action,Daily Activities,Vehicles,Food,and In the House.

Each unit includes a study of 24 thematically linked vocabulary words;numbered sentences using the vocabulary in an everyday context; a drawings page with all the vocabulary words illustrated and numbered to correspond with the sentences mentioned above; a drawings page with the spelling of the vocabulary word scrambled; several exercises including: “dashes,” “magicword,” “ordering,”and “jumbles”several puzzles including:“crossword,”“word spiral,” “word mazes,”“find–the–word,” and “eight mistakes” and a quiz, test and a complete answer key.


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Thematic Activities   9781895451160           $26.95  
More Thematic Activities   9781895451306           $26.95  
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