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ESL students are always looking for new ways to improve and expand their English–language skills. They want to talk more naturally and understand more words and phrases. This helpful guide will get them to the next level as they master the patterns of the English language and learn to speak it with confidence. Beginning with a review of vowel and consonant pronunciation, ESL Demystfied covers key grammar fundamentals such as auxiliary verbs, phrasal verbs, conjunctions, pronouns and possessives, and prepositions. Step–by–step, they will understand the linguistic patterns found in English and quickly master the language. Tests at the end of every chapter reinforce the fact that they’re on their way to improving their English skills.

This fast and easy guide features:

  • Step–by–step guidance through the fundamentals of English
  • Hundreds of exercises that help you reinforce your new language skills
  • Quizzes at the end of each chapter and a final exam that reinforce new language skills
  • A companion 70–minute audio CD that provides important oral practice and pronunciation guidelines Simple enough for an advanced beginner, but challenging enough for a more intermediate student, ESL Demystfied is the shortcut to fluency in the English language.


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