Second Edition
Julie Lachance
  • High School
  • Adult Education

With this book, students have always gotten the essential vocabulary and grammar to get them to the next stage of learning English. Now Practice Makes Perfect Premium: Basic English takes the workbook to the next level with digital support (through iOS, Android, and desktop app) that provides the learner with invaluable tools to ensure mastery of the content. Inside, three–page units cover each subject, which can be completed in a mere 10 to 15 minutes! Also included are engaging and humorous exercises to keep learners focused and interested while they gain confidence in your new language.


  • Sets of flashcards for all the vocabulary lists with progress tracking
  • Answer key for all exercises in the book with progress tracking
  • Audio recordings for all exercise answers and reading passages in English
  • Record and replay function to compare against native speakers
  • New multiple–choice review exercises pinpoint areas of difficulty


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