Third Edition
Jack C. Richards and Chuck Sandy
  • High School
  • Adult Education

This two–level, multi–skills course quickly and effectively moves adult and young–adult learners of English from the high–intermediate to advanced level. The fresh look, real–world content, all new video, and powerful new digital resources will ensure students remain highly engaged and motivated for success. Passages will open the door for students to communicate with greater proficiency, accuracy, and fluency through:

  • More sophisticated real–world grammar and vocabulary
  • More thought–provoking discussions and academic writing activities
  • More challenging listening and reading comprehension topics

Passages, Third Edition, provides an ideal follow–up for students who have completed beginning to intermediate– level courses, and works especially well as a sequel to Interchange, one of the most popular and successful courses for adult and young–adult learners of English.


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LEVEL 1 (High Intermediate)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9781107627055       $38.50  
Workbook   9781107627253       $17.00  
Teacher's Guide & Audio CD/CD-ROM   9781107627680       $59.50  
Class Audio CDs (3)   9781107627543       $126.25  
Presentation Plus   9781107666269       $121.25  
DVD   9781107627628       $187.00  
LEVEL 2 (Low Advanced)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9781107627079       $38.50  
Workbook   9781107627260       $17.00  
Teacher's Guide & Audio CD/CD-ROM   9781107627666       $59.50  
Class Audio CDs (3)   9781107627499       $126.25  
DVD   9781107627642       $187.00  
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