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The Putting English to Work series, in addition to teaching traditional grammar structures, vocabulary, sentence construction, comprehension and problem–solving, illustrates the skills necessary to find employment and excel in the work environment.

Putting English to Work portrays a cast of adult char- acters who have immigrated to the United States from South and Central America,Asia,Europe and Africa and are learning how to successfully meet the challenges of daily life in America. Using a compelling story format,the series illustrates important cultural issues which will help students from other countries succeed in the United States.The program also teaches students basic life skills.

Each level of the program is made up of 24 units of course instruction on 6 DVDs containing two 30–minute units each.


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High-Beginning (Level 2) Videos
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Set of all 6 DVDs   033800P2DF       $100.00  
Set of All 6 Workbooks   033873826X       $30.00  
Low-Intermediate (Level 3) Videos
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Set of all 6 DVDs   033800P3DF       $100.00  
Set of 6 Workbooks   033873936X       $30.00  
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