A Skill-Building Book and Video that Prepares Students for College Success
Martha E. Kendall
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The Real Thing video contains fifteen college lectures, each 10 minutes long, showing teacher/student interaction in a wide range of courses typically taken by freshmen. It provides authentic examples of real classroom language. The accompanying book focuses on the lectures used to teach skills essential for success at an American college.

After watching the videotaped classes, students use the book to increase their listening comprehension, develop vocabulary, practice taking notes, improve study skills, become comfortable in group activities, prepare for quizzes and tests, learn critical thinking strategies, and gain familiarity with norms of the college classroom.

More of the Real Thing is a skill–building book and video series that prepares students for college success. The video contains 16 taped, authentic college classes, each about fifteen minutes long.The accompanying book uses the lectures to teach skills vital to students’ success. More of the Real Thing can be used on its own,or as a companion to the original series The Real Thing.

Either program can be used anywhere;they do not presuppose residence in the United States. They are both appropriate in an advanced ESL courses,college orientation programs,language labs,a General Study Skills class,an individualized lab,assessment of students’ readiness for college,and preparation for international students planning to study in the United States.


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The Real Thing
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Real Thing DVDs (4)   9780945783121       $269.00  
Real Thing Text   9780945783053       $21.95  
Real Thing Answer Key/Tape Script CD   9780945783152       $16.95  
More of the Real Thing
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
More of the Real Thing DVDs (4)   9780945783138       $269.00  
More of the Real Thing Text   9780945783114       $21.95  
More of the Real Thing Answer Key/Tape Script CD   9780945783169       $16.95  
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