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The dictionary experts at Oxford present a new range of American Learner dictionaries specifically designed for English language learners. There are three levels ranging from Basic to Advanced so there is a dictionary that is just right for your students.

Oxford Basic American Dictionary
Oxford Basic American DictionaryThis lesson introduces students to the importance of common word combinations (collocations) in the Oxford Basic American Dictionary.
Oxford American Dictionary
Oxford American DictionaryThis lesson shows how to make the most of the collocations usage notes in the Oxford Basic American Dictionary in the context of email and the Internet.
Oxford Advanced American Dictionary
Oxford Advanced American DictionaryThis lesson shows how to make the most of the collocations usage notes on the Academic Word List in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary.

Based on extensive research with U.S. teachers and language–learning experts, these three new dictionaries help students:
  • Understand what words mean by using a limited number of words that students will already know to explain words they don’t know.
  • Build vocabulary and achieve academic success.
  • Improve writing skills with Oxford iWriter and Oxford Writing Tutor.
  • Focus on the Academic Word List and the Oxford 3000™ (the most important words to learn in English).
  • Write different types of texts in English, from resumes to e–mails to essays, with the Writing Tutor (Intermediate and Advanced levels only).
  • Extend their vocabulary with extra help note boxes throughout the dictionary – help with related vocabulary synonyms, topic collocations, Academic Word List collocations, word families, affixes, and more.

Included in each dictionary is a CD–ROM containing a separate Picture Dictionary and a Topic Dictionary, allowing students to search for words by content area or topic, and create their own topic dictionaries. The full A–Z dictionary is included with spoken headwords and a ‘record your own voice’ function for practicing pronunciation.

Help students get the most out of the Oxford American Dictionary for learners of English with the Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder, containing 50 lessons with over 100 activities and write-in exercises that develop dictionary skills and expand vocabulary. This handbook helps students:

  • Learn and practice the most important words to know in English – the Oxford 3000™.
  • Explore the dictionary and discover how it helps extend their vocabulary.
  • Know how the dictionary helps with pronunciation, parts of speech, and using words correctly.
  • Focus on useful vocabulary with the Word Banks.


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Oxford Basic American Dictionary w/CD-ROM   9780194399692           $12.95  
Oxford American Dictionary w/CD-ROM   9780194399722           $14.25  
Oxford Advanced American Dictionary w/CD-ROM   9780194399661           $19.75  
Oxford American Dictionary Vocabulary Builder   9780194399951           $6.95  
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