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Phonics, a method for teaching English speakers to read and write, encourages and enables learners to correlate (associate) the 40 or more spoken sounds of the language with the 26 written letters of the alphabet.

PhonicSpelling begins where Alphabet Answers ends. It recommends innovative but practical activities, games, and puzzles needing little preparation, designed to teach language–sound awareness, initial– and final–consonant sounds and spellings, word families (rhyming words), simple and complex vowels, phonetic symbols vs. letters, spelling patterns and rules, and more.

At most proficiency levels, the 26 ideas A to Z will add variety, inspiration, cooperation, and/or competition to the language classroom, tutoring situation, learning group, and/or individual study. Along with referrals to downloadable web pages, each section includes reproducible classroom–ready materials, including enlargeable card decks and game boards.


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