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These card packs, consisting of four–of–a–kind item sets, are particularly suited for the motivating, friendly competition of classic card games, like P–I– G, Snap, Concentration, Go Fish, Old Maid, I Doubt It, Rummy, etc. With these PhonicSpelling Initial–Consonants Cards, players work with basic vocabulary in four categories—people or animals, places, things, actions—at the same time practicing the sounds and spellings of initial consonants.

The 54 basic cards display one–syllable words that start with b, c, d, f, g, h, l, m, p, r, s, t, w. The 72 beginning cards contain different sets of words beginning with each of those letters—plus ch, j, k, n, and sh.

An included activity & idea book for each set of cards gives teaching and learning information as well as suggested steps for educational (categorizing) activities and engaging matching and sequencing (cooperative, competitive) card games.

The intermediate–level Initial–Consonants 160-card pack contains pictures named by four categories of words with the initial consonants listed above—as well as cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, q, sl, sm, sn, sp, sr, str, sw, th, tr, v, y, and z. These mostly one–syllable items have regular, but less common, spellings (letters in sequence) than those in lower–level materials. Words starting with all possible initial consonant letters, digraphs, and clusters are in the advanced–level 244-card pack, which contains both one– and multi-syllable items with regular, irregular, and exceptional spellings.

The activity & idea book for each of these card packs includes higher level information and longer word lists for more complete reading/phonics/spelling instruction. There are also ideas for more challenging educational activities and games.


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
BASICS/BEGINNING SET (both card sets & book)   9781934637388SET           $28.00  
INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED SET (both card sets & book)   9781934637401SET           $36.00  
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