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Three leveled packs of word–and–picture cards will outline, practice, and imbed the phonics system of 15 to 22 distinct American English vowel sounds, with regular, alternative, and exceptional spellings in one– and multi–syllable vocabulary items (nouns, verbs, adjectives, other parts of speech). Items begin with the most common CV(C) letter–combinations, progress to less frequent spellings (including vowel sounds before –r ), and move to unusual and unique spellings.

Apply the rules—and the motivation—of preparatory lessons, flash cards, dyad (information gap) activities, path–boards, classic cooperative/competitive card games, and more to the teaching and learning skills needed for language success, all focused on a challenging word–level topic.

Card packs contain 15, 20, and 22 sets of four–of–a–kind (matching) vocabulary items—with the same vowel sounds but various spellings—in pictures and print. The accompanying activity & idea book provides copies of and commentary on the contents of each pack, game procedures, ideas for effective word–level activities, and complete vowel–sound word lists.

Card sets include

  • Beginning 60–Card Pack with the Most Common Spellings for 15 Basic Vowel Sounds
  • Intermediate 80–Card Pack with Most Spellings for 20 Vowel Sounds in One–Syllable Words
  • Advanced 88–Card Pack with Most Spellings for 22 Vowel Sounds in Polysyllabic Words


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Complete Set (3 card Packs & Activity Idea Book)   9781934637SET           $32.00  
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