A Foreign Student's Guide to English Articles
Elizabeth Claire
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  • Best Seller
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

A, an, and the: the three most common words in the English language! These Three Little Words have always been troublesome for new speakers of English, especially for people whose native language has no articles. They are often the last grammatical item that distinguishes the native speaker of English from the foreign-born speaker.

Most English speakers cannot explain the rules for using these words. They just know when a sentence "sounds right." For the first time, here is a workbook that will clear up the mystery of how and when to use these Three Little Words.

Ten steps, with clear examples and lots of practice will help students develop a mastery of general rules and exceptions to the rules. From this careful focus on articles will come a new sensitivity to hearing them and seeing them in print. This groundwork will speed the day when correct usage is automatic because “it sounds right.”

With over 525 self-checking exercises included, this book is perfect for advanced learners Grade 6 to adult. Three Little Words may be used in-class or for self-study.


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