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Marilyn Rosenthal, PH.D. & Patrick Hwang, PH.D.
  • Delta Publishing Title
  • Best Seller

Each unit introduces a specific sound or sound cluster with its written letter equivalent though a listening activity. Then there is a practice section, a further listening activity, a reading activity (tracing in book 1), and a variety of puzzles, short stories, and chants. There are two review sections for each book; a challenge section, which presents a variety of fun activities; a comprehensive test; and a key vocabulary section at the back of each book reviewing the major vocabulary through pictures.

There is a playful mascot for each book representing the sound/word associations taught in that book. The phonemic patterns taught in each book are exemplified by the cover illustrations.

DELTA ESL PHONICS can be used in ESL/EFL classes in large groups, small groups, in English immersion situations, in review and practice situations, in certain mainstream classes, and in reading labs or tutorials. The systematic curriculum is carefully sequenced throughout the series, so teachers can have the option of taking their students linearly through all five books or giving intensive practice and review on various books in the series for students with special needs.


  • Systematic, comprehensive presentation of the major sound/letter patterns in English
  • Extensive listening, reading, and writing practice for each sound/letter combination
  • Information presented in small easy–to–learn carefully–sequenced segments
  • Teaches students to identify, discriminate, decode and categorize various sound/letter combinations
  • Meaningful sight words that extend the phonics family patterns
  • High–frequency vocabulary contextualized in simple sentences and then in short stories
  • Interesting, challenging activities to reinforce and extend students' learning

DELTA ESL PHONICS also has a teacher's guide, CD, and phonics cards.

The practical, easy–to–read teacher's guide presents general teaching strategies for the level, as well as, specific suggestions for listening activities, TPR, chants, games, puzzles, and additional interactive student pair and group work. It also has the answer key for the level test included in the corresponding student book and some additional assessment strategies.

The audio CD for each level is fully integrated with all of the listening sections in each unit and the final level test, as well. It helps students build phonemic awareness and develop their aural tracking skills as they practice identifying sounds with their written symbols and visual pictures. Students learn to recognize, identify, and discriminate various sounds and sound clusters and hear the language as they are learning to read it. The CD also provides the aural input for various puzzles and games throughout each book.

The phonics cards are 8" x 5½" card-sized versions of all of the sound/letter symbols and their associated pictures presented in each student book. The phonics cards provide aural/oral practice and reinforcement and can be used for interactive pair and group activities, TPR activities, and oral assessment. CLEARANCE SALE ALL* ALL SALES FINAL*NO RETURNS*


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1: Blue Level (Single Letter Sounds)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9781887744379   $9.95   $4.00  
Teacher's Guide   9781932748185   $6.95   $3.00  
Audio CD   9781932748000   $14.95   $5.00  
Flashcards   9781932748239   $21.95   $5.00  
2: Red Level (Short Vowels)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9781887744386   $9.95   $4.00  
Teacher's Guide   9781932748192   $6.95   $3.00  
Audio CD   9781932748017   $14.95   $5.00  
Flashcards   9781932748246   $21.95   $5.00  
3: Purple Level (Long Vowels)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9781887744393   $9.95   $4.00  
Teacher's Guide   9781932748208   $6.95   $3.00  
Audio CD   9781932748024   $14.95   $5.00  
Flashcards   9781932748253   $21.95   $5.00  
4: Orange Level (Double Letter Consonants)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9781887744409   $9.95   $4.00  
Teacher's Guide   9781932748215   $6.95   $3.00  
Audio CD   9781932748031   $14.95   $5.00  
Flashcards   9781932748260   $21.95   $5.00  
5: Green Level (Double Letter Vowels)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book   9781887744416   $9.95   $4.00  
Teacher's Guide   9781932748222   $6.95   $3.00  
Audio CD   9781932748048   $14.95   $5.00  
Flashcards   9781932748277   $21.95   $5.00  
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