Building Reading and Vocabulary Skills
Keith S. Folse
  • High School
  • College
  • Adult Education

The new edition of Intermediate Reading Practices offers enhanced instruction in several key areas, particularly prefixes and suffixes, word families, and vocabulary development (based on the General Service List and the Academic Word List). It includes extensive exercises designed to provide students with strategies for comprehending what they read and practice reading faster and more efficiently. Both the timed and extensive readings, most of which are either new or heavily revised, are now grouped according to themes to allow even more natural recycling of vocabulary and structures.

Intermediate Reading Practices contains exercises that provide practice in specific skills:
  • Developing vocabulary and word part knowledge
  • Producing word forms
  • Indentifying context clues
  • Using the dictionary
  • Forming conclusions
  • Making predictions
  • Locating specific details
  • Scanning
  • Finding the main idea


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