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Gail Feinstein Forman
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Introducing engaging supplement reading material that brings history to life for your students. American Lives takes a journey into the lives of famous and less well-known people, both native-born and immigrants, whose contributions have helped shape key periods in U.S. history. Fifteen high-interest biographies in each book profile a person's life in a cultural context. Follow-up exercises and activities enhance vocabulary skills and language development. And American Lives offers great flexibility. Lessons at each level can be taught in any order.


  • High-interest profiles that foster historical and cultural understandidng of a person's life while strengthening reading, language, and graphic literacy skills
  • A photograph and pre-reading questions that lead into the content of the lesson
  • A profile of the historical figure, followed by comprehension text analysis, and vocabulary practice activities
  • an exercise centered on a map, time line, or chart to expand ideas introduced in the lesson
  • Connecting Today and Yesterday, an exercise that connects the lesson's themes to the present time
  • A group activity and questions for writing and classroom discussion
  • Follow-up exercises and activities to enhance reading skills and language develpment
Students learn about famous and less well-known figures from all walks of life who represent a range of cultures and times.


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