Fifth Edition
Sandra Silbertstein, Barbara K. Dobson, & Mark A. Clarke
  • High School
  • College
  • Adult Education

Reader’s Choice is among the world’s best–loved and most successful ESL/EFL textbooks for the teaching of academic skills. Based on the theory that proficient reading requires the coordination of a number of skills, this classic text recognizes that the most important of these is the reader’s ability to select the proper skills or strategies to solve each reading challenge. The exercises and readings in Reader’s Choice help students to become independent, efficient readers.

Each carefully selected reading is accompanied by a wide variety of exercises. Skills–focused units alternate with units centering on full reading passages. Reader’s Choice, Fifth Edition, preserves this proven format and popular readings while bringing new material and updates to every unit from the previous edition.THIS IS ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST AND IS NOT RETURNABLE. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


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