A Low Beginning, Multi-Skills Text
Natalie Hess and Laurel Pollard
  • Best Seller
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

Adapted, field–tested, and carefully selected from over 5,000 news articles and personal experiences, these stories are written at a low–beginning level. Each believe–it–or–not story taps into students’ own experiences, hopes, fears, and dreams via a unique and flexible array of exercises, featuring:

  • Many more activities than you’ll find in most books
  • Flexible exercises that allow students to work individually, in pairs, or in groups—and at their own levels
  • “About Me” activities that enable even low–beginners to recall, talk, and write about their own experiences
  • “Progressive Cloze”—a fun, highly engaging way to learn vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation—and students can do it on their own
  • Each of the 8 units offers a true story and a bundle of exercises proven to engage students for approximately 5 hours

The new audio CD features a lively reading of each of the eight stories featured in the WOW! Stories from Real Life textbook, and it is beautifully narrated by the author, Laurel Pollard.

This book offers terrific teaching routines that require little or no preparation time from the teacher. Just follow the teaching notes step–by–step and instantly see your classroom transform… Once you try this book, you too will say, “Wow!”


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