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What’s Next? is a two–level reading series designed for multilevel English classes. Easy–to–read stories follow SamSam, a Somali immigrant, through her daily life where she is faced with learning English, finding a job, visiting a doctor, etc.

There are two levels in the series: introductory and low–beginning. They can be used together in the same classroom or entirely separately. A teacher’s guide and audio CDs are also available. Each student book contains the same content— whether they are introductory or low–beginning levels. However, they way the information is presented is different. At the introductory level, each story is presented sentence–by–sentence, accompanied by an illustration to reinforce comprehension. But in the low–beginning level, the same story is presented in paragraph form with a single illustration. This allows instructors to teach the same material in the same classroom to learners at different reading levels.

  • Every lesson in What’s Next? takes learners through learning, speaking, writing, vocabulary, prediction and reading comprehension exercises
  • Phonics instruction is a core part of each lesson, and students acquire new vocabulary with both phonics and sight work practice.
  • Research–based, phonemic awareness listening practice sets this multilevel series apart from other English learning products
  • Each lesson introduces target vowel and consonant sounds, blends, endings, and 10 sight words. Learners first focus on the story as a whole, then work on the phonics and sight words, and finally return to the whole story again to access comprehension and learning
  • The teacher’s guide includes lesson plans and reproducible masters for each lesson. Student practice beginning and ending consonant sounds, complete close sentence exercises, and learn new word families.

The audio component is available online at newreaderspress.com


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Book 1   9781564209610   $9.75   $4.00  
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Teacher's Guide   9781564209658   $15.00   $3.00  
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