Diane Engelhardt
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Created by ESL instructor Diane Engelhardt, Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced English Reading and Comprehension features lengthy, complex passages to help you develop essential English reading and critical thinking skills. Inside are 15 readings on topics such as DNA evidence, sustainable urban communities, the human genome project, and more—subjects that will keep you engaged as you take your English to the next level. You will get plenty of practice on understanding and comprehending high–level vocabulary through enlightening exercises. You’ll master how to organize information you read, summarize text, and more.

Before you know it, your reading skills will be stronger and your comprehension will grow, enabling you to get more out of English–language texts.

Practice Makes Perfect: Advanced English Reading and Comprehension will help you:

  • Build your academic and technical vocabulary
  • Boost your comprehension skills to an advanced level
  • Create reading strategies to use with any difficult text
  • Develop critical thinking skills


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