Ready-To-Go Activities for the Language Classroom
Laurel Pollard, Natalie Hess and Jan Herron

Relax–here are the “energizing” books every overworked language teacher has been waiting for Zero Prep and Zero Prep for Beginners are just that: collections of exciting activities demanding zero preparation! Each book contains over 100 pages of sensational activities divided by language skills into user–friendly chapters that invite you to find the ideal activity quickly and successfully! Every activity is clearly presented with the level, aim, materials, and step–by–step procedures. This collection features unique “routines” which can be done in dozens of various ways without extra preparation. There’s lots of ideas for involving your language class in the daily chores of choosing passages, selecting vocabulary words, preparing questions, and analyzing their own errors so that you as a hard–working professional language teacher have more time for creative lesson planning and enjoying your students.

The beginners book activities give many ways to provide language input, including routines for using readings, dictations, pictures, actions, and songs to convey meaning. Plus you’ll find activities to help students get to know each other, find their own errors, and take charge of their own learning!

Perfect for group or individual work at all ages, these volumes are another must–have in your library of resources!


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Zero Prep   9781882483648           $34.95  
Zero Prep for Beginners   9781882483822           $34.95  
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