A New Edition of The Practical Guide to Teaching English
Paul Lindsay

Teach English worldwide with this practical introduction to the field! Specially designed for those thinking about teaching English, planning to take a TESOL training course, or just starting work in a language school, this user–friendly resource adds a bundle of enjoyment to the process!

The 21 chapters cover all the essentials, including: answers to basic questions about language teaching; how to manage your classroom, plan lessons, and use textbooks; methods and ideas for teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing; understanding of basic grammar verb forms; a wealth of knowledge and activities for using visual aids, games, drama, and songs; awareness of pronunciation and the International Phonetic Alphabet; suggestions on correcting errors and testing; and a reference section featuring a first lesson plan and a placement test. Each unit features tasks for the reader and wraps up with review questions and a Further Reading list. This is a basic “must” to pack in your suitcase as you prepare to teach!


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