A Basic of 2400-Word Vocabulary for English Language Learners; Second Edition
Raymond C. Clark
  • Reproducible

For teachers and ESL/EFL materials writers, this is a basic 2400–word vocabulary list arranged in four levels of 300, 600, 1200, and 2400 essential words. Although based on various word frequency lists, The Learner’s Lexicon also includes words chosen to meet the specific needs of learners surviving and participating in an English– speaking context.

Because of the tremendous variation among learners and their backgrounds and needs, this lexicon, limited to 2400 words, is based on a generalized list of words that virtually all learners need to know, whether child or adult, immigrant or traveler. A close examination of the list will reveal that the 0-300 word–level is heavy with function words and very basic verbs and adjectives, whereas the number of nouns is more limited. As one progresses through the list, the proportion of nouns increases as do the number of derivations, the learners’ ability to express themselves becomes more sophisticated and the topics of communication become more numerous and wider.


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