A Treasury of Cultural and Linguistic Information
Raymond C. Clark, Arthur A. Burrows and Patrick R. Moran

The ESL Miscellany, a compendium of useful and interesting information for teachers and English language learners. The book can be used in several ways:

  • As a resource for developing lessons or a complete curriculum
  • As a photocopiable source for handouts
  • As a guideline for those who practice eclecticism
  • As a reference book for advanced students of English anywhere in the world

The book gives ideas and photocopiable vocabulary lists supporting most of what ESL/EFL teachers do today. First, there are 85 pages of linguistic material on the phonology, morphology/lexicon, and grammar of English.

There are ten situations to be presented in lessons and discussed, such as health and safety, personal and family needs, shopping and services, recreation, and citizenship. There are also 63 topics to teach about—for example, cooking, human relationships, natural resources, math, the body, hotels, banking, law, the media, college, history, and death. It is important that we as teachers also focus on communicative functions, and there are four lists of functions to be considered at different proficiency levels.

In this edition there are 42 cultural topics updated—on U.S. and Canadian geography, government, and history; on sports, superstitions, education, and the media. And there are 17 metalinguistic topics including a glossary of grammatical terms, spelling rules, a high–frequency word list, abbreviations, road signs, and an atlas. Lastly, there are paralinguistic topics like photographs of American gestures and their meanings.


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