Identification, Placement and Instruction
Center for Applied Linguistics
Alfredo J. Artiles and Alba A. Ortiz, Editors
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Because procedures are not in place in many schools and school districts to successfully determine academic placement of English language learners, many of these learners are placed inappropriately. Some who don't need special services (other than English as a second language) may find themselves in special education classes. Others who need special services may be placed in regular classes without the extra supports and services that they need. Working with English language learners and with students requiring special education services requires collaboration among teachers, school psychologists, speech pathologists, and assessment personnel with expertise in general, bilingual, and special education.

This book describes the challenges involved in identifying, placing, and teaching English language learners with special education needs. It describes model programs and approaches, including early intervention programs, assessment methods, parent/school collaboration, and native and dual language instruction. All students deserve the best possible education, one that meets their individual needs and capitalizes on their strengths. This book will take us a long way toward achieving that goal.


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