Student Centered, Teacher Guided
David Christiansen
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This major opus covers the semester, with emphasis on student centered activities guided by the teacher. Over four hours of listening practice offer English as spoken casually among educated Americans. The social and academic themes of interest to intermediate to advanced students are stimulating and witty. Students read and discuss a central issue, usually expressed in the form of someone asking advice. They learn how to interpret body language and gestures and how to describe and speak about emotions and personal feelings, health and sickness, and lifesaving emergency situations. Other topics covered include vocabulary for cooking, shopping, prices and negotiations, travel and time schedules, professions and occupations, music, TV, sports and recreation, education, and scientific concerns. Throughout the book, there are pronunciation practice activities that contrast similar sounds which enhance listening skills in the form of minimal pairs (led/red, lake/rake).

With this text, students both in the U.S. and abroad will come away with a grand overview of American culture.


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