Second Edition
Steven Brown and Dorolyn Smith
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Active Listening,Second Edition, is a fully updated and revised edition of the popular three–level listening series for adult and young adult learners of North American English. Each level offers students 16 engaging, task–based units, each built around a topic, function, or grammatical theme.Grounded in the theory that learners are more successful listeners when they activate their prior knowledge of a topic, the series gives students a frame of reference to make predictions about what they will hear. Through a careful balance of activities, students learn to listen for main ideas, to listen for details, and to listen and make inferences.

Active Listening is intended for high–beginning to intermediate students. It can be used as a main text for listening classes or as a component in speaking or integrated skills classes.

Features of the student book

  • A"before you begin" unit to develop awareness of listening strategies
  • Updated pre–listening schema–building activities to build vocabulary
  • New "listen again" activities for additional coverage of listening skills
  • Optional ‘your turn to talk’ pages that offer speaking and pronunciation practice
  • Culturally rich expansion units that include authentic student interviews
  • A new self–study listening section with audio CD for additional practice

Features of the teacher’s guide
  • Step–by–step teaching notes with key words highlighted
  • A wealth of optional speaking activities and listening strategies
  • Suggested times for completing lessons
  • Photocopiable unit quizzes
  • Two complete tests with audio CD
  • Complete answer keys


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Level 1 (High-Beginning)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book with Self-study CD   9780521678131       $42.50  
Teacher's Guide   9780521678148       $32.25  
Class Audio CDs (3)   9780521678155       $81.75  
Level 2 (Low-Intermediate)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book with Self-study CD   9780521678179       $42.50  
Teacher's Guide   9780521678186       $32.25  
Class Audio CDs (3)   9780521678193       $81.75  
Level 3 (Intermediate)
Item   ISBN   Publisher's Price   Price   Quantity
Student Book with Self-study CD   9780521678216       $42.50  
Teacher's Guide   9780521678223       $32.25  
Class Audio CDs (3)   9780521678230       $81.75  
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