Second Edition
Peg Sarosy & Kathy Sherak
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  • High School
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Lecture Ready, Second Edition guides students through the complete academic process. Through the use of realistic and engaging lectures it prepares students for the demands and atmosphere of the higher–education classroom. Note–taking strategies focus on accurate and concise recording of class material. Academic discussion strategies help students participate fully and smoothly in classroom discussions. Students are more competent and confident when they learn how to present using proven strategies for academic success. These strategies help students meet their presentation challenges in and beyond the language classroom.


  • Prepares students for listening, note–taking, and academic discussions through videos of realistic and engaging lectures
  • Explicit presentation skills prepare students for public speaking, a requirement in today’s academic and professional world
  • Audio and video available through the Lecture Ready Digital Download Center, www.lectureready.com/student, allows students to study anytime, anywhere
  • Video–based assessment helps teachers assess progress and shows what students have mastered and where they still need help

Lecture Ready iTools features the full student book for in–class viewing, and integrated video and audio for whole–class presentations. Answer keys and teaching notes are included for the teacher’s convenience. Tests include unit, midterm, and final tests. The tests are available as click and–print PDFs and customizable Word documents, so they can be adapted to meet students’ needs. All tests are based on them to prepare for standardized tests. The iTools can be used with an LCD projector or interactive whiteboard.


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