Elizabeth Weal
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Finally…a systematic approach to writing clear, coherent, grammatically correct paragraphs in English for ESL and native English speakers with limited knowledge of English grammar and sentence structure.

This book starts with the basics—the difference between a word, sentence, and paragraph; the difference between a paragraph and a list; how to distinguish complete from incomplete sentences—and moves forward from there. Students shed bad usage and punctuation habits early as they learn to edit their work and progress from writing simple paragraphs to writing paragraphs with more varied and complex sentences.

Each chapter ends with a writing assignment in which students must apply the skills they have mastered.

Writing in English: Step by Step covers the following:

  • Writing mechanics (punctuation and capitalization)
  • Content fundamentals (topic sentences, titles, supporting information)
  • Sentence structure (simple, compound, and complex sentences)
  • Grammar (simple present, present continuous, past, and future verb tenses; negative sentences; stative verbs; there is/there are; and adverbs of frequency)


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