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Alice Savage and Colin Ward
  • High School
  • Adult Education

Trio Writing is a three–level course that helps beginning English students develop their writing skills through step–by–step instruction. The series creates academic success through the gradual development of key writing techniques and strategies. A Readiness Unit provides fundamental writing tools for beginning students, while online practice provides essential skills support. In the main units, students learn to apply practical grammar and vocabulary models, turning their ideas into successful writing.


  • Readiness Units develop fundamental writing skills to prepare students for success at each level
  • Unit assignments mirror the kind of work students will encounter at university
  • A step–by–step method guides students through the process of turning their ideas into effective writing
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Chants engage students to internalize structures and memorize target vocabulary
  • Vocabulary and grammar are presented in context, providing models for students to produce more accurate writing
  • Signposts in each unit point students to online practice, extending learning beyond the classroom
  • iTools enhances course material by incorporating multimedia content and activities to create an interactive, heads–up learning environment
  • iTools gives teachers access to the assessment program, with editable tests and answer keys that save time and allow customized testing

Online practice is matched to the course material to enhance students’ learning, extending it beyond the class– room. Online practice resources for students:

  • 63 activities/20 hours of practice per level
  • Vocabulary, grammar, and writing activities
  • Vocabulary & Grammar Chant audio and Chant scripts

There is also a teacher’s website where you will find sample chapters and materials that will help you take full advantage of the course. (


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