The Academic Word List in Context
Angela Blackwell, Karen Hamilton, Daniel E. Hamlin, Linda-Moarie Koza, Lawrence Lawson, Therese Naber, and Kristin D. Sherman
  • High School
  • College
  • Adult Education

Inside Listening and Speaking features explicit skills instruction, providing the foundation for academic achievement. Acquisition of the Academic Word List provides students with the language they need for studying academic content areas. Inside Listening and Speaking includes five levels of student books, access to the Digital Download Center, and Teacher Support.

  • Explicit skills instruction, such as note–taking, listening for key concepts, giving presentations, and asking for clarification, develop effective speaking and listening.
  • High–interest media content, including original BBC videos, lectures, presentations, study sessions, and group discussions, develop listening skills in a variety of academic contexts.
  • Pronunciation instruction ensures students are articulate, clear speakers.
  • Digital Resources for Teachers—iTools USB classroom presentation tool brings together the student book on screen, complete audio and video program, answer keys, and teacher resources, including a comprehensive assessment program. There is an iTools via USB drive providing teacher support for every level.
  • Digital Download Center—An online resource with videos and audio recordings at: www…


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Intro Level Student Book   9780194719049           $41.60  
Level 1 Student Book   9780194719131           $41.60  
Level 2 Student Book   9780194719230           $41.60  
Level 3 Student Book   9780194719339           $41.60  
Level 4 Student Book   9780194719438           $41.60  
iTools USB (all levels)   9780194719056           $76.80  
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