A Freewriting Journal
Janet Morey and Gail Schafers
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

These may be the ultimate student books because your students write them. The authors have provided the guidance and format for these journals of freewriting. These little journals can be used in a variety of ways, but the main point is to encourage students to write and enjoy doing it.

In My Thoughts there are 74 pages, each with a brief, open–ended written prompt and a colorful, evocative illustration. All the student has to do is fill the pages with words, sentences, and thoughts—all without fear of a grade or lots of red marks on their words and sentences.

A sampling of prompts includes:

  • How do you feel on a rainy day?
  • Describe an adventure you would like to have.
  • What is your favorite game? How do you play it?
  • What do you enjoy most about a visit to the zoo?
  • Why are people afraid of snakes?

An additional 6 pages have no written prompt—only an illustration (a guitar, a ladybug, a door, pebbles, railroad tracks, a snail, a candle).

There are 80 journal pages in More Thoughts, formatted the same as My Thoughts. These prompts include reflections on personal memories and feelings, thoughts about cars and digital technology, food, fantasy, wild and pet animals, love, nature, the environment, and twelve brief poems.

In each book, for each page/prompt there is a small space for the teacher to write a very brief response—“Is this true?” “What a beautiful scene!” “This is really very funny!”


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