Phonics, Spelling, and Pronunciation
Sharron Bassano
  • Reproducible
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

The pages in this completely photocopiable resource teach the sound system of the English language through simple,clear pictures and minimal print.The exercises are designed for beginning English language learners who have little academic background and are learning the English alphabet while concurrently buildingtheir vocabulary,listening,and speaking skills.It is especially helpful for those learners who may not be literate in their native language.The four units introduce:

  • 21 consonants and their most common pronunciations
  • 5 vowels and the different sounds they produce when standing alone or in combinations
  • 26 of the most common consonant clusters occurring in the initial position
  • 98 of the most common consonant clusters occurring in the final position
The clear,uncluttered photocopiable pages help learners center their attention and discover commonalties and patterns in pronunciation and spelling. The confusion and anxiety often experienced by beginning literacy learners when facing English text is eliminated. This resource includes a teacher’s guide, answer key, and charts which cover the alphabet, consonants, vowels, and initial/final clusters.


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