A Conversation Text for ESL Students; New Edition
Glen Alan Penrod
  • Delta Publishing Title
  • Best Seller
  • High School
  • Adult Education

Touchy Situations is designed to give students a maximum amount of speaking time in a variety of communicative contexts. Each lesson provides a conversational situation or activity in which participants must interact in English to complete a task or solve a problem. Topics are innovative and fun for teachers and students alike. The new edition provides creative ideas for discussion, along with

  • Warm up and preview activities
  • Contextualized vocabulary and expressions
  • Conversation strategies for interactive use
  • Thought-provoking topics and questions
  • Focused objectives and procedures
  • Follow-up material for further discussion

Touchy Situations is very teacher-friendly and easy to use. Lesson formats include information gap, role play, and group discussion. The book's wide range of challenging material keeps students interested and motivated to use the language for realistic communication.


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