A Vocabulary Series for ESL
Holly Deemer Rogerson, et al
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  • High School
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  • Adult Education

The volumes in the Words for Students of English< series are designed for use as core texts in ESL vocabulary classes and as supplemental texts in reading, speaking, or writing classes. They may also be used for individual study. Each volume’s units present base words with definitions, examples, and exercises–all of which contain only previously learned vocabulary.Each unit in the series focuses on a specific topic,chosen for its relevance to students’ lives(e.g., discipline–oriented academic vocabulary such as business, education, politics, and science),so that students can practice new words in meaningful contexts.

The exercises are flexible and easy to use, taking the student from simple, fairly controlled practice to a final phase with communicative exercises; word form charts, word lists, and answer keys for certain exercises are included.

Audio components of all the base words and their derived forms on the word form charts are available.


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Volume 1   9780472082117       $22.95  
Volume 2   9780472082124       $22.95  
Volume 3   9780472082131       $22.95  
Volume 4   9780472082148       $22.95  
Volume 5   9780472082155       $22.95  
Volume 6   9780472082162       $22.95  
Volume 7   9780472082179       $22.95  
Volume 8   9780472089482       $24.95  
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