An Introduction to the Sounds of English
Second Edition
Ann Baker and Sharon Goldstein
  • Best Seller
  • Adult Education

This new edition of a highly successful pronunciation text for high-beginning to low-intermediate students covers the speech sounds of English, as well as common sound-spelling relationships, intonation, and stress. Pronunciation Pairs offers a variety of exercises and activities, from very controlled minimal pair and listening discrimination tasks to dialogs, games, puzzles, and guided conversations. Each speech sound is presented with a list of high-frequency words that include the sound as well as common spellings used to represent it. Updated dialogs include current and useful vocabulary and introduce a theme for each unit. Hundreds of simple, clear illustrations help students understand the vocabullary and dialogs. A student audio CD is included in the back of the student book.


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Student Book & Audio CD   9780521678087           $50.00  
Audio CDs (4)   9780521678117           $124.00  
Teacher's Guide   9780521678094           $32.25  
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