Instant Conversation in the Classroom
Cathy Seitchik Diaz
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

These 270 question cue cards are designed to promote natural, spontaneous, and personalized conversation in the classroom. They are ideal for pre-lesson warm-ups, in-between snapper-uppers, and end-of-class cool-downs. The questions are specially created to provoke fun and interesting thoughts on a variety of subjects pertinent to upper elementary students through adults. This edition combines the best questions from the old editions plus new, cutting-edge questions on technology, computers, and education. The durable cards are created to last a lifetime and beyond. The included teacher's manual is packed with successful tips and dozens of invigorating activities and ideas for using the cards! Included Free Question cards and packs of blank cards add extra spice to the set. If you're seeking high-energy, oral interaction in your classroom, look no further!


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