Learning the Art of Interactive Listening
David Kehe and Peggy Dustin Kehe
  • High School
  • College
  • Adult Education

In Basic Conversation Strategies learners are introduced to a strategy, such as showing understanding or asking for clarification. In pairs, they practice the strategy in controlled activities, and finally they put the strategy to use in activities such as roleplays.

Basic Conversation Strategies also has an important listening component. Conversation is not just speaking, it also involves listening, and part of the approach in this book includes training learners to be good listeners. The student workbook contains everything students will need to do the exercises, except the material they need to listen and respond to. This material is available on two CDs. The printed version of the listening input is available in the teacher’s guide, which is an essential component of Basic Conversation Strategies. The teacher’s guide contains the entire workbook and the complete scripts of all the listening input, plus teaching notes and suggestions, as well as feedback and evaluation forms.

The two CDs have 67 listening exercises on separate tracks. The exercises, several in dialogue format, are spoken by four native speakers. Although the CDs are not essential (the teacher can speak the input), the material will be much more effective and easier to manage if the CDs are used.


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Student Workbook   9780866473101           $19.50  
Teacher's Edition   9780866473118           $24.50  
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