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Book 1 was written to help Spanish speakers improve their English vocabulary. It reinforces the vocabulary presented in English Reading and Spelling for the Spanish Speaker book 1, English Reading Comprehension for the Spanish Speaker book 1, and English Writing Composition for the Spanish Speaker book 1. The same with book 2.

The books are bilingual: the directions are in Spanish with English translations. Spanish speakers increasing their English vocabulary will improve their English reading and listening comprehension and also strengthen their English writing and speaking skills. Good vocabulary skills help people visualize. Visualization helps people remember what is read or heard.


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Book 1   9781878253798           $15.95  
Book 2   9781878253804           $15.95  
Book 3   9781878253818           $15.95  
Book 4   9781878253828           $15.95  
Book 5   9781878253842           $15.95  
Book 6   9781878253859           $15.95  
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