Second Edition
Judy B. Gilbert
  • High School
  • College
  • Adult Education

The world’s favorite pronunciation series helps students master the most important features of spoken English. By emphasizing stress, rhythm, and intonation, this series ensures that students learn to speak clearly. In addition, students study spelling practical rules, which allow them to pronounce new words correctly.


  • Hundreds of exercises, now in full color help students comprehend what they hear and communicate more clearly
  • A focus on the most important concepts makes the best use of class time and builds student confidence
  • Every teaching point is designed not only to help intelligibility but also to improve listening comprehension

The student book provides easy–to–follow presentations, helpful rules, and extensive practice in pronunciation. This revised edition offers new and updated content, additional visual support, and is now in full color.


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Student Book   9781107687158           $50.00  
Class & Assessment Audio CDs (4)   9781107611726           $102.75  
Teacher's Guide & Assessment Book   9781107604315           $34.50  
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