2,400 Cues & Ideas for Speakinig
Sue Fenton
  • Reproducible
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

This is a huge resource of 2,400 ideas and cues for speaking strategies and activities for individuals, pairs, and small groups. There are over 80 topics with 100’s of examples.

It’s a great book to keep on a desk for lesson planning and conversation & skits ideas.

The goal of this book is to get students talking in practical and meaningful contexts (cultural, social, commercial, life skills); give teachers many more options for speaking activities; be a quick teacher–time–saving reference; and give teachers ideas for easily creating original speaking activities & materials.

Ways to make typical lesson components even more communicative:

  • 50 ways to talk about pictures
  • 40 ways to talk about literature
  • 25 ways to talk about video clips
  • 25 ways to use textbook dialogues for more speaking
  • 100 examples of how to turn grammar into speaking
  • 65 ways to talk about portraits (magazine people, clip art characters)

Power Talk is a companion book to the best–selling Over 1,000 Conversation Starters. The difference is that book is a manual of procedures for setting up a speaking–charged classroom and has specific paired–speaking stimuli. Power Talk focuses on speaking strategies and activities for individuals, pairs, and groups.


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