Thirty-One Mysteries to Solve
Walton Burns
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

This photocopyable collection of 31 short mysteries asks your students to be detectives investigating a variety of puzzles and crimes. The students listen to or read a mystery. The first clue is revealed. Discussion follows. A second clue is revealed. More discussion. The picture changes and emerges as the clues are revealed one–by–one and discussed until the mystery is solved or the solution is given.

These conversation class activities are designed to encourage discussion, and the challenge of solving the mystery as students proceed through a series of clues also depends on cooperative learning and critical thinking. The conversation activities are appropriate for students from upper elementary school to adult, either native speakers or intermediate–level English language learners. Each mystery is formatted as a two–page activity. One page is for the teacher, the other a photocopyable page of clues. These great conversation class activities work well as warm–up activities, fillers, or time–killers for those last few minutes of class. They can even be used to introduce units on crime or the justice system.


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