Keys to grammar for English Language Learners, Second Edition
Keith S. Folse
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Clear Grammar is a four–level grammar series that features a unique combination of useful grammar information written in clear language with activities that promote more accurate and fluent vocabulary usage, writing, speaking, and reading.


  • More user–friendly charts to accompany grammar explanations
  • High–frequency, corpus–based vocabulary related to each grammar point
  • Grammar discovery tasks using students’ inductive learning skills
  • A greater variety and increased number of activities, including more practice online
  • Many more activities at the longer discourse level
  • The addition of reading practice at the end of the unit, as well as a critical–reading task
  • More writing practice, including one on editing student writing and another for original student writing
  • Two vocabulary practice activities, including a focus on collocations, in each unit, as well as many one–minute mini lessons showing the connection between grammar and vocabulary
  • More speaking practice, with activities that require students to speak and listen to each other while using the target grammar
  • Support for teachers in the form of indicators that reference how to teach the grammar points in the Clear Grammar series from Keys to Teaching Grammar to English Language Learners

Book 1 (beginning/high–beginning): present tense of be and regular verbs; possessive adjectives and demonstrative words; descriptive adjectives; past tense of be, regular, and irregular verbs; wh– questions; present progressive tense ; count vs. non–count nouns; prepositions; be going to + verb ; review of verb tenses. It also includes an introduction to the present perfect.
Book 2 (high–beginning/low–intermediate): articles, to be + going to, past tense of irregular verbs, how questions, frequency adverbs, object pronouns, one/other, the possessive, words that compare, modals, problem words.
Book 3 (low–intermediate/intermediate): two–word verbs, past progressive, present perfect, problematic time words, adverbs of manner, too/for, adjectives, used to, infinitives, gerunds, adverbs of purpose, sentence connectors, relative clauses.
Book 4 (high–intermediate/low–advanced): past perfect tense, word forms, conditionals (if clauses and wish), adverb clauses, noun clauses, reduction of adjective and adverb clauses, past modals, subject–verb agreement, review of prepositions, and review of verb tenses.


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