Robert Proctor and Darin French
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult Education

English Basics is the perfect way to master the confusing use of prepositions and phrasal verbs in American English. It focuses on the most frequently used propositions by presenting realistic examples and exercises. It also covers more than 50 of the most common phrasal verbs. The goal is to build the student’s confidence and fluency by progressively challenging them and providing ample practice and repetition.

English Basics is designed as a supplemental book for beginning to advanced level students who have prior experience in an ESL/EFL classroom. Units 1 and 2 focus on the more common prepositions of time and place that will reinforce skills already learned by beginning level students. Unit 3 goes into more complex prepositions found in an intermediate level classroom. Unit 4 is ideal for advanced level students to demonstrate how prepositions are used in phrasal verbs.

The book can be used individually or with a classroom text to reinforce skills already learned. It is broken down by preposition type and includes examples and realistic exercises. The Audio CD contains over 40 minutes of listening and speaking activities and is meant to be listened to multiple times to ensure maximum fluency.


  • Common idioms that begin with prepositions
  • 300 regular verbs with “ed“ endings
  • 80 + irregular verbs
  • 42 prepositions explained
  • Who vs. Whom explanation
  • Text Messaging “lingo“
  • Active vs. passive voice


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